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Disciple-Friends Change the World PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 13 December 2012 09:26
I just received a link to a wonderful blog post by Fr. David Barnes of Beverly, MA. The post was triggered by reading Forming Intentional Disciples but I particularly rejoice in is his imagery of disciple-friends.

Oh, how it brings back
memories of our famously Nameless Lay Group in Seattle where we thought of ourselves as disciples-friends. It reminds me of the great Generation of Saints in early 17th century France, when a network of disciple-friends changed the course of entire nation for generations. Fr. Barnes writes things that bring tears to my eyes as I read them.  Here's a taste:

"The book has come at an interesting moment in my life when I find myself reflecting upon my years that I have spent in this particular parish. In a way, Weddell's book has put a name and a "system" to much of what has been my experience as a pastor in this parish. At the heart of our life together has been a lived discipleship. The focus of our life together has not been various projects and events, but rather building up our communion together by being a band of followers--disciples of the Lord. The more that we have become disciple friends, the more others have been drawn here. And the more others have been drawn here, the more we have become convinced that Jesus keeps his promises."

We were meant to find God and we were meant to find Him together.


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